How Tia Freeman Gave Birth With The Help Of Google, YouTube And Shoe Laces.

So, an #AirForce woman from Virginia named #TiaFreeman (@TheWittleDemon) had the most unusual birthing experience any of us have probably ever heard of. She gave birth in a hotel room in #Istanbul, Turkey all by herself–with the help of YouTube, shoelaces and some knives. Here’s how it all went down!


When Freeman found out that she was pregnant, she was already in her third trimester ! The type of birth control she takes made it so she didn’t have a cycle so that wasn’t an indicator for her. Even though she was late in her pregnancy, Freeman decided to go on her vacation in Istanbul as she had been planning it for months.


Surprisingly, Freeman goes into labor ON THE PLANE and then had to suffer through getting out of customs. Meanwhile, no one around her spoke English and she was NOT trying to have a baby in that airport. Thankfully, she made it to her hotel and the contractions were really kicking in so she began to Google tips on how to give birth to a baby! Freeman filled up a tub with water and got her towels together. Before she knew it, she had given birth to a beautiful baby boy!

Next, Freeman had to look up how to cut her umbilical cord and found that the only thing she had to perform this procedure was a pair of shoe laces. She sterilized the laces and tied them in the appropriate places.

The next daunting task would be figuring out how to get her newborn back to the United States safely. Basically, she had trouble at first because the airport staff thought she was a trafficker trying to smuggle a baby out of the country!


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