Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree Rescinded.

Yesterday news broke that Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault, and as of today it is being reported that Temple University has decided to snatch his honorary degree they awarded to him.


According to CNBC, Temple is just one of three huge U.S. universities that have taken back their honaray degrees since Cosby was read his verdict on Thursday.

“Today the Temple University Board of Trustees has accepted the recommendation of the University to rescind the (1991) honorary degree,” the school said in a statement.


Temple’s announcement followed withdrawals by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Fifteen schools had already taken back their honors before the verdict he was handed down on Thursday.

Cosby is currently out on a $1 million bail until his sentencing.


One thought on “Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree Rescinded.

  1. Though I never warmed to Cosby, I am still finding it difficult that he could do such a thing to those women. I mean who can you trust nowadays with childhood personalities being exposed left and right?


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