NBA Warns Drake Over Bad Language.

Drake has been sitting courtside throughout the playoffs repping for his home team, the Raptors.


However, the NBA reportedly had to issue a warning to Drizzy about “the use of bad language,” following his heated confrontation with Cavaliers center Kendrick Perkins on Tuesday.

According to ESPN, a league source revealed that Kiki Vandeweghe, the NBA’s executive vice president of basketball operations talked with Raptors president Masai Ujiri about the incident.

Drake, who also serves as the Raptors global ambassador, was seen being separated from Perkins as both teams left the court during halftime at Tuesday’s game.


Perkins told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin following the incident, “At the end of the day, it isn’t about Perk versus Drake; that doesn’t even sound right. It’s the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Toronto Raptors. Besides, what could he possibly do to me? I mean, really. If he leaves me alone, I’ll leave him alone, and that’s all there is.”



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