Two More Women Come Forward With R.Kelly S*x Abuse Stories.

The details of both womens’ stories are as sick and twisted as every single other story you’ve heard about the man who sociopathically calls himself “The Pied Piper”. The heat isn’t even CLOSE to being off R. Kelly for his historically *alleged* predatory behavior toward young girls.


According to Buzzfeed, Two more women have come forth to share their traumatizing story about the time they spent with R. Kelly when they were only teenagers.

Both Lizzette Martinez and a woman who is only being identified as “N” say they were approached by R. Kelly when they were just 17-years-old. Martinez says she met Kelly at a Miami mall in 1995, he was fully aware of her being underage (age of consent in Florida is 18), yet still took her virginity. This sexually-pressured relationship went on until 1999 with no less than five times that Kelly allegedly abused Martinez.


The second woman, “N”, is represented by her mother, Michelle. N is 27-years-old now, but her harrowing trysts with R. Kelly began a decade ago in Chicago. Although 17 is the age of consent in Illinois, N was still a young and pliable teenager.

“Being silent is not the answer, so I said, ‘It’s time,’” Michelle says of her decision to speak out now about her daughter. “I want my child home.”

Michelle goes on to say:

“I don’t know what hold he has on her, but her last words to me was, ‘Don’t ever give up on me.’”

We suggest you read the whole article HERE.


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