Beyoncé Missed #MetGala2018 Awards For JayZ.

Beyoncé did not attend the Met Gala—but only because her husband Jay-Z presented her with a better option, according to Entertainment Tonight. She’s going on a vacation she found out about last-minute, a source told the outlet. “Jay-Z surprised her with a trip because he felt she needed to relax before her tour,” the source said, referring to the couple’s On the Run II tour, which starts June 6. The source didn’t say where Bey was going or when she left, though the location is likely far from New York City.


Beyoncé really had been planning to go to the Gala, though, and had picked a custom-designed gown by DUNDAS’ Peter Dundas to wear there. The singer’s last public appearance was with Destiny’s Child, at the opening of Dundas’ store in Los Angeles, so the dress designer hints were there.

Some Fans Went ahead to say she appeared as the holy ghost !


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