14 Year Old Oscar Johnson Murdered By A 13 Year Old who Tried To Steal His Iphone

On May 2, 2018, Oscar ‘OJ’ Johnson III, 14, of St. Louis, Missouri was murdered in his bedroom by a 13-year-old who confessed he was trying to rob OJ of his iPhone.

His sister said she was in her room when she heard arguing from her brother’s room, where he and two other boys were hanging out. Then: “POW!”

Her brother, OJ, staggered from his room and fell on the hallway floor near the top of a set of stairs, he was bleeding from a bullet wound to his chest.
“OJ, get up,” one of the boys kept saying, according to his sister. “‘OJ, get up. Please don’t do this.”’
The third boy who’d been in the room ran from the house.
OJ was rushed to a hospital where medical personnel worked for over an hour to save him but he passed away from his injuries.
Police called OJ’s death a homicide and said they have arrested the suspected shooter, the 13-year-old boy who ran from the house. He was turned over to juvenile authorities. OJ’s sister said her brother and the suspect were friends, but “disturbing” things had recently been posted on OJ’s Facebook page under the other boy’s name. She said she confronted him about the posts before the shooting Wednesday and the boy claimed they had been posted by someone else.
OJ’s family says he was always smiling and joking and he cared deeply for his family and friends. He was to celebrate his 15th birthday on May 24.
OJ leaves behind his parents and four sisters, including his twin. He will be laid to rest on Thursday. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. Rest well OJ…


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