A Crocodile Bites Off A Woman’s Arm In Zimbabwe Days Before Her Wedding.

Imagine your whole arm getting bitten off by a crocodile just days before your wedding! That’s what happened to 25-year-old Zanele Ndlovu—but that didn’t stop the wedding!
Zanele and her now husband Jamie Fox were minding their business living their best lives—or so they thought—canoeing on the Zambezi River when an 8-foot crocodile came out the cut like ‘BLOOP’, snatching Zanele, and dragging her into the water.
“The crocodile just jumped out of the water and bit a chunk of my arm together with the side of the boat,” Zanele said to the Zimbabwean Chronicle. “The canoe started deflating, and it all happened so fast. The crocodile bit me again and pulled me into the water. My husband was thrown out on the opposite side so the boat was between us.”
Jamie reportedly swam to save his lady, punched the crocodile multiple times with one hand, while holding her waist with the other. Unfortunately, by the time the croc let go, it’d taken Zanele’s hand with it.
Sis must’ve made sure her mans didn’t have time to think or change his mind because the wedding still went on a couple of days later! Despite already having a venue and all wedding preparation set, the wedding took place in a hospital chapel as Zanele was still undergoing treatment.
“I spent a lot of time preparing for my wedding day, running around for a venue, decor and so forth,” she told the Chronicle. “I didn’t know fate would have me wed in a hospital chapel, with one limb missing. But in all this, I’m not complaining. My wedding was the best, and I have a wonderful husband.”
We’re glad the couple is safe, and were still able to take each others hand in marriage! Love conquers all!


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