Kylie Jenner Who Is Still Battling Baby Daddy Rumors Says, Her Body Guard Is Not Her Baby Daddy

So there have been lots of rumors presently going around saying that Kylie’s baby, Stormi Webster, was not for Travis Scott, but rather for her body guard. Apparently we have moved past trying to pin the baby on Tyga and the focus is now on the bodyguard, Tim Chung.

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Travis Scott’s mum had to even request for a paternity test, to know if she is little Stormi’s real grandmother or not.

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Quite funny, lol.

Why can’t people just let the Kardashian/Jenner clan be?

Anyways, Kylie is out saying the claims are BS, and her friends are out here saying it is humanly impossible, because Kylie and Tim Chung never had s*x.

I think they should let little Stormi be, Travis is not complaining afterall.

Meanwhile, where did Kanye fade to, he has gone quiet all of a sudden.


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