53 Year Old Sarah Jessica Parker Is Mocked Over Her Aging Looks At The MET Gala Awards.

When 53-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker stepped onto the Met Gala red carpet sporting an ornate nativity scene headpiece and metallic gold Dolce & Gabbana gown, most people took to the Twittersphere to pass comment on her outfit.

But another group side-stepped her catholic themed clothing entirely and decided to cruelly call out the mom-of-three for looking ‘old’.


Taking to Twitter, username @MissLouch typed: ‘Am I the only one who got a little sad seeing how old Sarah Jessica Parker is getting? Like, I love her. And I feel like that’s just a reminder that I’m getting old as sh*t’.

A sentiment shared by @HeadOverAHills who wrote: Sarah Jessica Parker looks 89 years old.. I love her style and she will always give LOOKS.. but LORDT.. it’s like she never had a glass of water or a vitamin’.

While @leecolbs asked: ‘Holy shit. Sarah Jessica Parker got OLD AS F*CK. She been smoking 40 a day???’

And username @_OverdozeOn808s shared: ‘Aye real quick, how old is Sarah Jessica Parker because shorty skin look like tree bark and I’m confused.’

Over on Instagram, the Sex and the City icon got an equally mean-spirited roasting after Stefano Gabbana posted a picture of the actress with the caption: ‘#DGFashionDevotion#heavenlybodies #metgala2018’.

Instragram user @depechebaby commented: ‘Oh my! SJP is not aging well or the makeup is not good. Yikes!’


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