Two Black Women Harrased And Thrown Out At Fuego For Trying Out Clothes They Wanted To Buy At The Dressing Room.

Two Black women confronted a “Fuego” store manager in Tacoma, WA, who tried to throw the ladies out of the store after claims of being racially profiled.

One of the women entered the dressing room to try on a dress when the store manager read aloud the store procedures outside of her dressing room. Both women then asked the manager what her purpose was for doing so and the employee claimed that staff members discussed theft “all the time.”

The manager then called authorities and tried to shoo the women away with scornful hand gestures. However, the girls stood their ground and made it clear they didn’t feel comfortable leaving the store just to be tackled by security. They wanted to wait for authorities to arrive and explain their side of events.









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  1. The hate is real people. What’s with all these institutions becoming so racist and so blatant about it. It is as if instead of the world moving towards love and peaceful coexistence, hate and anarchy is crowding everything good out.

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