Clara Harris, The Texas Dentist Who Ran Over Cheating Husband, Has Been Released From Prison.

Clara Harris, the Texas dentist who ran over her cheating husband in 2002, was released from prison Friday morning, reports CBS affiliate KHOU. Harris smiled as she was met by friends waiting to pick her up at the Crain Unit in Gatesville, Texas.


Harris was sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter in the death of David Harris, 44, an orthodontist.

“I’m glad she’s getting out,” said her former defense attorney George Parnham last month. “I wish it would have happened sooner.”


Harris was convicted of murder in 2003. She has served 15 years behind bars for her husband’s murder.

Harris hired a private investigator after becoming suspicious of her husband, who was tracked to a suburban Houston hotel where he was found with his receptionist-turned-mistress. Clara Harris fought with the woman before striking her husband with her Mercedes-Benz in the hotel’s parking lot and repeatedly running over his body.


Their teenage daughter was in the car and testified against her mother.

The videotaped incident at the Nassau Bay Hilton made national headlines. Parnham confirmed the parole was granted in November.

Victims’ advocate Andy Kahan said the victim’s family was surprised by the decision.


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