Sixth Formers Dress Up As Black/African Slaves.

According to, “A boarding school has apologised after sixth-formers “blacked up as African slaves” for their leaving photos.


Pupils at the Oratory School, in Oxfordshire, were sent home after arriving at the photoshoot wearing cotton worker outfits with blackened faces.

But it is understood the group sneaked back into the school later the same day to take their own photos, which they then posted on social media.

Three of the sixth-formers painted their faces black while two others dressed in suits and held them at gunpoint with toy weapons.

A school spokesman said: “The headmaster was present for the photo and refused to let the offensively dressed pupils participate.

“The photo – the existence of which we were unaware – was taken and posted on social media was taken unofficially and in no way with the consent of the school.

“We are extremely shocked and saddened that this has happened and apologise unreservedly for the offence caused. We are dealing with this internally.”

The Catholic boys’ private school charges boarding fees of almost £35,000 a year.


Former pupils include Danny Cipriani, the rugby player, and Hilaire Belloc, the author of Cautionary Tales for Children.”



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