Jesse Jarvis, White Supremacist Gang Leader, Executed At A Chinese Restaurant.

A white supremacist former gang leader was gunned down over the weekend outside a Chinese restaurant in New Hampshire.


Jesse Jarvis, who co-founded the Brotherhood of White Warriors around 2010 at the Northern New Hampshire Corrections Facility, was shot multiple times shortly after midnight Sunday in the parking lot of Imperial Buffet in Claremont, reported theValley News.

The 36-year-old Jarvis, who was pronounced dead at the scene, and his family were regular customers at the restaurant and bar, but police have not identified any suspects in the fatal shooting.


“I don’t even know what the hell happened out there,” co-owner Tony Zhang told the newspaper. “Nothing happened inside. It was happening in the parking lot.”

Jarvis had been in and out of prison since 1999, when he was arrested for shoplifting, resisting arrest and attempting to escape from a hospital where he was under treatment for acute intoxication.
He was arrested in 2005 for kicking two Claremont police officers, and police shot and killed his father three years later when they tried to arrest the younger Jarvis for alleged assault and stealing a Nazi flag.


Anthony Jarvis fired a handgun at a state trooper during a 2008 standoff, and the law enforcement officer returned fire.

Jarvis told a parole board in 2013 that he had left the prison gang he helped found, but he was recently listed as the administrator of an online white supremacist group.

“We must secure an existence for our race and a future for Aryan children!” Jarvis told a reporter who asked last month about the white supremacist Facebook group.
His personal Facebook page shows multiple posts referring to that 14-word white nationalist slogan, along with posts praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and attempts to justify his own white supremacist views as mainstream patriotism.

“He truly was a great man who stood for those who couldn’t stand alone,” said Phil Mulvey, who grew up with Jarvis and says they formed a lifelong friendship over their troubled upbringings. “He was much more than the crazy racist many try to portray him as.”


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