Is Kate Middleton Already Showing Signs Of Jealousy?

Almost the whole world was charged up with the event of the Royal Wedding , With lots of Commendations and a certain reverence to the historical event , But Meghan’s Sister Inlaw is not feeling the fan fare as she thinks Meghan Markle is not fit for royalty.


According to a royal family insider, Middleton — who just gave birth to her third child, Prince Louis of Cambridge — was seething with jealousy.

“Kate was incredibly bothered because of how much more over-the-top Meghan and Harry’s wedding was compared to her wedding to William,” the source told exclusively.

“In terms of money, it also seemed to Kate that much more had been spent on this wedding than her own, which made her extremely upset,” continued the insider.

It doesn’t help that Middleton felt Markle snubbed her younger sibling, Pippa Middleton, by omitting her from the guest list, even though she ended up with an invite to the event of the year after all.


And though Markle, 36, is incredibly poised, she still has a lot to learn — much to the chagrin of Kate, also 36.

“As much as everyone wants them to be close, Kate does not have the time to teach her sister-in-law how to be a proper lady as the Queen wants her to do,” said the source.

“Kate does not think that Meghan deserves to be a royal, and believes that she is in it for the wrong reasons.”

Source : RadarOnline.


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