Kevin Federline Wants Three Times More Child Support Money From Britney Spears.

According to court documents obtained by the @Blast, K.Fed isn’t happy with his $20K monthly child support checks and believes he should get at least 3 times as much. K.Fed’s argument is basically that Britney is “one of the most recognized musical performers of our time” and because of that she needs to come up off that money !


He also adds he has to work as a DJ because he can’t perform as a dancer anymore “due to his age” and because he hasn’t been successful in putting our new music like he was back in 2008. He ends his statement by saying he would like this substantial increase so he can “secure housing and services required to be able to meet the needs of the parties’ minor children while they are in [Federline’s] custody.”

He is just after her money .


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  1. Cough up Britney. Kevin is however, showing his thirstiness for money because it is not only Britbrit children he is catering for and there are other work besides music and dancing. Man up.Kevin!

  2. Kevin should not take advantage of Britney.He should struggle and take care of his children.

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