Woman, Mildred Newsome, Sexually Assaults Cable Repair Man.

Mildred Newsome has been charged with forcing oral sex on a cable repair man who police say was at her home to work on her cable box.

Newsome, 47, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, was arrested Saturday, May 19, after police wrapped up its investigation into the alleged sexual assault.

“The cable guy was there to work on her box and while waiting for it to reset as he was sitting on a couch, she came over, grabbed his hand and forcefully placed his hand on her own breast,” police said.

The unidentified technician tried to resist Newsome’s “unwanted sexual advance,” but she continued and performed oral sex on him.

According to police, Newsome told the cable technician she would “turn the story on him” if he reported the alleged assault to police, saying she would tell police he was the aggressor.

Newsome works as a nurse at a nursing and rehabilitation center, has been charged with two felony counts of second-degree forcible sex offense, and one misdemeanor count of sexual battery.

Newsome has since posted bail and is awaiting additional court proceedings.


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