Mother Stabs Six Year Old Son Multiple Times.

Police in Newport have arrested 34-year-old Nemoria Villagomez and charged her with attempted murder and assault, after receiving a 911 call saying Villagomes had stabbed her 6-year-old son.

According to Newport Police Chief Jason Malloy, the boy is expected to survive.

Neighbors say after the attack, the boy ran to a friend’s apartment where he felt safe. According to witnesses, the boy left a trail of blood on his way to the friend’s house.

He was later airlifted to the Portland area with life-threatening injuries.

Malloy said officers found the boy and called paramedics.

“They determined the mom was in a neighboring apartment, went over there, tried to get somebody to answer the door,’’ Malloy said. “They had heard there was a small child also with her. They heard an infant. Tried and tried, couldn’t get anybody to answer the door and so they went in. Saw quite a bit of blood on the kitchen floor and so kept calling. Still nobody answered and they went through the apartment. They found her and a 14 month-old in the back room.”

At that time, Villagomez was arrested and both children were taking to a local hospital.

After multiple public-records searches, it was discovered Villagomez already is on probation for a 2016 assault conviction. According to investigators at that time, she attacked a member of her family in front of her son.

Villagomez’s bond has been set at $1.1 million. Malloy said the case remains under investigation, with more charges possibly forthcoming.


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