Drake The Dead Beat Dad And Sophie Brussaux His Alleged Baby Mama!

Well, Pusha T really went for it. In his latest diss for Drake, the Clipse member went all the way in on Mr. OVO for, among other things, being a deadbeat dad.


According to Push, Drake has a son named Adonis with model Sophie Brussaux that he never sees and has tried to hide from jump.


We’ve learned the “Sophie” Pusha T mentions in his new Drake diss track, “The Story of Adidon,” is Sophie Brussaux, a former French porn star. She’s the same woman who was photographed with Drake in Amsterdam in January, 2017 … just days after the alleged conception.


Sophie certainly didn’t hide her pregnancy — showing off her baby bump and even a cake from her baby shower with the name Adonis emblazoned on it — the same name Pusha T uses in his track.


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