Teen, Dayonn Davis, Who Has No Previous Criminal Records, Gets Five Years In Jail For Stealing Nike Shoes.

An 18 year old from Columbus, Georgia will be spending the next five years behind bars for stealing a pair of Nike sneakers when he was 15. On top of that, he was also hit with 10 years probation.


According to The Root, Dayonn Davis has no prior criminal record, but that didn’t stop Judge Bobby Peters from handing down a harsh senetence.

“I don’t get that,” Peters said while sentencing the teen. “Must be some valuable shoes.”

The shoes that Dayonn took were a pair of Nike Oreas that retail around $100.

Dayonn stole the shoes from an owner who was trying to sell them on Facebook. He ended up meeting with the owner on Jan. 17, 2016.

Dayonn brought his friend with him to the meeting, and after finding out that the shoes were a perfect fit, he apparently told the owner, “These shoes is took.” Things started to take a turn for the worst and Dayonn’s friend pulled out a pistol and everyone took off.

Police were able to tack down the then young teen and ended up finding the stolen Nike’s right up in his closet.

Dayonn refused to tell police at the time who was with him, but eventually he did. Unfortunately, the victim wasn’t able to identify his companion in the suspect photo lineup.

Defense attorney Susan Henderson spoke on Dayonn’s behalf and said that he’s sorry and is a changed man. “He’s been extremely remorseful,” she said. “He’s got his life on track now.”

She also said that her client was an A and B student in high school, and claims Dayonn had no clue the guy with him was going to pull a gun out.

“I was young at the time, so I wasn’t in my right mind,” Dayonn told the judge. The judge wasn’t here for it though.


“Maybe he’s the wrong person,” the judge said of Davis, emphasizing that whether or not Davis intended for anyone to pull a gun, he had obviously intended to take the shoes as he had been the one who set up the meeting. “He’s the one with the shoes in his closet.”


One thought on “Teen, Dayonn Davis, Who Has No Previous Criminal Records, Gets Five Years In Jail For Stealing Nike Shoes.

  1. The judge did right. They could have killed the seller. The judge sent the right message to other would be offenders.


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