Woman , Ashley Bean, Gets Drunk And Kills Her New Born Son.

According to the Daily Mail, “A Nebraska mother has been arrested, months after she was said to have gotten drunk off tequila and rolled over her three week old baby sleeping in the same bed.

Ashley Bean, 35, faces a charge of felony child abuse and appeared in Lancaster County court on Wednesday after newborn Axel Xavier Arizola was found not breathing at their home on December 17.

The Waverly, Nebraska, native could face up to three years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
Ashley Bean, of Waverly, Nebraska, faces up to three years in prison and a $10,000 fine for a felony child abuse charge she received on Wednesday.

Axel Xavier Arizola was found not breathing when responding units were called to his home on December 17. The newborn was taken to the hospital but he would later die.


‘This isn’t a co-sleeping issue, this is an issue pertaining to an adult who was intoxicated to the point they are incapable of taking care of their three week old,’ said Lancaster County Sheriff Captian Ben Houchin.

The newborn was taken to the hospital but died a short time later.

A preliminary alcohol test found that Bean had a blood alcohol level of .190.

She was said to have drank at least six shots of tequila with a friend and then had a ‘pull of tequila’ around 6.30am.

The woman was then said to have attempted breast feeding her child but fell asleep.
She is seen during her first appearance in court via a video link.

She woke to the baby stuck between her breast and am with blood coming from his nose.

‘It’s sad,’ said Lenor Lopez, the boy’s paternal grandmother, who only got to hold him when he was born and the day before he died.

She added: ‘He was so precious. He was a beautiful baby.’

The mother and her baby had been at her home.

‘She was just saying how tired she was and the baby was a lot of work and whatever,’ Lopez said. ‘I offered, I said I’ll help you take care of him, but since she breast feed I couldn’t do nothing.’

Bean has been stopped by Lincoln Police for driving under the influence, since the death of her baby.

She was given a $15,000 percentage bond on the condition of not drinking alcohol.

Prosecutors asked for the bond to be raised as Bean turned herself in with a BAC of .09.

‘I am not here to judge Ashley. I said there is somebody up higher that will judge her and that knows the truth,’ Lopez said.


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  1. This is just too sad for words. The mother must be distraught with grief and agony for this calamity. RIP little angel.

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