Woman Claims Rapper Future Threw Her Out For Refusing Sex With Him.

A woman’s  post is going viral after she made some “Colossal” claims about Future.


According to a woman named Shamartess, Nayvadius Wilborn a.k.a Future reached out to her and told her to come visit him after spending PLATONIC time with him in the studio.

According to the woman, Future told her he would reimburse her “1000%” for her $550 plane ticket but then got upset when he Facetime’d her at the hotel he booked for her, and she told him she wasn’t ready for some “Rich $ex.”

“I told him I wasn’t on that type of time. We talk but we don’t talk enough for me to f*** him,” said the woman.

“U playin’,” Shamartess says the rapper told her.

According to her, Future then canceled her room and left her stranded. Not only that, Shamartress was not only under the impression that Future would pay her back for the flight but also thought she should receive $5,500 a.k.a. the “1000%” percent he promised.


Unfortunately for Shamartress, people are clowning for her a.) Thinking that Future was going to pay her back and b.) For saying she’s “not that type of girl” to the “Same Damn Time” rapper.


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