Couple Steal From Walmart By Exchanging Expensive Items’ Barcodes.

Supermarket giant Walmart has long lauded itself on its low prices and discounts, as evidenced by the tagline “Save Money. Live Better.” A duo in New Orleans allegedly took that slogan too literally when they brought cut-out price tags into a Walmart store in order to buy goods at a lower price, NOPD said.


On May 25, Jeffrey Johnson, 49, and Leilani Walther, 50, were observed on surveillance video using false Universal Product Code labels to purchase goods at a lesser price at a Walmart at 4001 Behrman Place. The duo is suspected of cutting UPC labels from other merchandise and carrying them into the store. They then purchase goods at a self-chosen discount via the self-check lanes, according to NOPD.

Investigators discovered that Johnson and Walther committed the fraudulent scheme multiple times at the Walmart. They are wanted for 18 counts of theft by fraud


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