Omar Gooding Apologizes After Angrily Using Homophobic Slur At A Restaurant.

The “Baby Boy” actor got in a heated argument at a Vegas restaurant with another customer who claimed to be a cop. In the video footage, they are seen yelling back and forth at each other and Omar dropped the homophobic F-word two times.


According to TMZ, he was mad that his food was taking too long so he took it out on a restaurant employee. Witnesses claim that the incident started after the other man jumped in to call Omar out on his behavior.


In response to the video, Omar told TMZ it was late and he was hungry so “who wouldn’t be a little impatient?” He went on to apologize and said “by no means am I a hater or homophobic.”

“My apologies for the offensive language, but that does not define who I am,” he added. “We calmly communicated, worked it out and all was forgiven.”


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  1. Too much hate in the world right now. Why would he call someone the f@$$& word in this day and age if he did not mean it? Omar, your apology is not accepted for you have shown your true homophobic colours.

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