Trey Songz Is Being Sued For Getting Violent With A Fan In October 2017.

A woman is suing him for injuring her and her cousin after they attempted to take a picture with him in October 2017. Trey allegedly got into it with the woman in the parking lot of Vanity Grand Cabaret in Philly. She says her cousin attempted to take the picture, but he didn’t want to. 


According @TMZ_Tv, the woman says that Trey twisted her arm and wrist. The incident apparently sent her into a depression and she sought psychiatric help. She also feels that she could suffer “cosmetic disfigurement” from her injuries. She is suing for medical expenses and other damages. 

As for her cousin, we reported about her lawsuit last December. She claims that Trey smacked her phone out of her hand and onto her face leaving her with broken glasses. The woman’s lawsuit is ongoing against both Trey and the venue, Vanity Grand Cabaret, for knowing that Trey had a tendency “toward violence and negative interaction with the public.”

Trey hasn’t responded to the new lawsuit yet. 


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