White Woman Gives Birth To A Black Baby And Then Blames Her Husband For Cheating On Her.

Taking you back to the 20th April 2018, a white couple went to the hospital of Zamora in north-west Spain as the woman was in labour. In the delivery room, everything was going smoothly until the baby appeared, the newborn boy left everyone speechless, including the couple.

Unlike the unusual sigh of relief and cry of happiness, everyone was left stunned for words when the white woman gave birth to a black baby, while her white husband was present.


The medical team initially thought the baby was purple because of a respiratory failure, but soon realised it was a happy, healthy black baby boy.

While opening her arms to cuddle her newborn, the mother hisses to her husband “Son of a bitch, I already knew you were cheating on me. Look what you’ve done, go away”.

The husband stood in shock and lost for words to respond to his wife’s allegations. He was directed out of the building by the medical staff, who struggled to hold in their laughs.

They stated that “what the women said, did not make sense and we have to stop laughing, but we had to respect her desire’.


2 thoughts on “White Woman Gives Birth To A Black Baby And Then Blames Her Husband For Cheating On Her.

  1. it has to do with heredity. from one generation to another. a black person marries a white person now we have biracial baby. Part white and black. Now generations later we have 2 blacks get married, well they can have a white baby. and when 2 whites get married they can have a black baby. That is how it works. all heredity. Passing on genes.


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