Woman, Erika Guttilla,Kills Her Black Boyfriend With The Help Of Her Mothder And Stashes His Corpse Into A Trash Bin.

A Vermont woman has been accused of killing her live-in boyfriend and stashing his body in a trash bin on her front porch before finally dumping his body months later.



Erika Guttilla, 31, told police that she and her mother shot and killed Troy Ford, 35, of Brooklyn, New York, after a “month-long decision” because they had both reached their breaking points, authorities said. She told investigators he manipulated family members with drugs, was an alcoholic and raped her, court papers released Tuesday said.

“It was inevitable what was going to happen,” she told police.

Guttilla told police she killed Ford, who had been living with her at her parents’ home in Highgate, near the Canadian border, in early December right before his birthday. She stuffed his body head first in a trash bin and kept it on her front porch “for a while” before dumping it, police said.

Ford’s remains were found in the woods in Highgate on Saturday by people walking their dogs, police said.



Guttilla and her mother, Carmen Guttilla, are facing charges related to the killing while Erika Guttilla’s current boyfriend, 28-year-old Corey Cassani, is facing accessory charges after police said he helped dump the body. The couple appeared in Vermont Superior Court on Tuesday, several hours after they were arrested by police.


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  1. Wicked people! This was a human being who was disposed of as if he was garbage. The nonchalance of the perpetrators is mind boggling.

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