19 Year Old Kamiyah Mobley Still Stays In Her Kidnapper’s House And Calls Her Mum

19-year-old Kamiyah Mobley who was kidnapped at birth from a Florida hospital has revealed she still ‘loves’ the woman who raised her and continues to call her ‘mom’.

Kamiyah Mobley made these revelations and more in her first interview since 52-year-old Gloria Williams was sentenced to 18 years in prison on Friday.

Since the woman who raised her was arrested last year, Mobley says they continue to speak several times a week on the phone from jail.

Gloria Williams, 52, was sentenced to 18 years in prison after she kidnapped Mobley just hours after she was born in July 1998

Mobley, left, is pictured above with Williams, who raised her as her own in South Carolina

Florida News - January 15, 2017

‘We actually talked today. I still do call her “Mom,”‘ Mobley told ABC News.

And the relationship is still very much mother-daughter.

Mobley was just a few hours old in July 1998 when Williams snatched her from a Jacksonville, Florida maternity ward.

Williams had suffered a miscarriage a month before and drove Mobley to South Carolina where she passed her off as her own.

Mobley’s biological mother, Shanara Mobley, was just 16 years old when her daughter was ripped from her. She and the teen’s father, Craig Aiken, never stopped looking for their daughter, though they eventually split up.

kamiyah mobley

What do you think about the sentence Gloria Williams received? Fair or not?

Kamiyah needs to give her bio mum a chance and cut off from Gloria Williams for a while, I can imagine how hurt Shanara feels in all this.

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