Arrested Former NFL Player, Kellen Winslow Jr, Says He Was House Shopping And Not Burgling.

Ex-NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr. was arrested for house shopping while back! A witness called the police after noticing a black male in the neighborhood, and he was arrested for burglary.

A rep for the former Jets tight end says Winslow was in that neighborhood near San Diego last week because he was house shopping for his mother-in-law and certainly has no reason to commit burglary, the New York Post reports.


Winslow’s rep said an “over reactive” neighbor was quick to call the police after she saw him walking around a mobile home on the property. That woman was not the owner of the home, which allegedly belongs to a friend of Winslow’s wife.

After the neighbor confronted Winslow, he left the property. Winslow claims the owner of the house says he never entered the home or took anything, but he still spent five hours in jail that night.

Despite maintaining his innocence, he’s still facing a first-degree burglary charge.

He last played in the NFL in 2013.


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