Mother Outraged As Her 10 Year Old Son Is Handcuffed By The Police.

A Chicago mother is outraged and demanding answers as to why her 10-year-old son, Michael Thomas Jr., was handcuffed by police. The arrest of the kid, who was so frightened he peed on himself, was captured on video and his mother asked NBC Chicago to publish it to show the world what happened to her son.

Starr Ramsey says her son is scarred for life by the ordeal and now Huffington Post reports Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is defending the officers caught on camera making the arrest! It happened right outside the boy’s grandmother’s home.


Johnson said at a news conference the officers in question followed all of the “rules and protocols” Chicago police have in place and that he’s not “concerned about that at all.”

Police say they were investigating multiple reports of a teenager who had been seen with a gun and said the boy fit that description. Police also said Michael ran when they approached and that it can be hard for officers to immediately determine someone’s age.

But Michael’s mother is not buying it. She says you can tell he’s no teenager and wants to know why he was detained for about 15 minutes.

Police say they’re investigating it just to ensure that everything was done properly.


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  1. I am so angry and sad about what is happening to people of color’s children all over this country. Awful. That poor boy, and so many like him. I hope she sues.

    I didn’t want to “like” this, but thanks for posting.

    Best to you all,

    Sally Ember, Ed.D.

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