Tabbie Duncan, Woman Who Recently Got Sworn Into The U.S Airforce, Records A Racist Video Saying “She Is Going N**** Hunting”

As Posted By Alexis Morris On Facebook.

“The female in this video, Tabbie Duncan, along with the two males (Joshua Davenport and unaware of other male’s name) were recorded on Brianna Nicole Haas’ Snapchat last night in St. Louis, MO.. Tabbie was recently sworn into the U.S. Air Force on May 31.
Her behavior and choice of words are beyond unacceptable for someone serving our country. ‼️‼️
•Works at Social Bar and Grill and Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, but may have gotten fired for failing a drug test.
This is horrible and disgusting.
*Language advisory*
#EndRacism #NoRacistsInOurMilitary #Share #Repost #WhitePrivilege #YouArentListening #DrunkDriving



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