Freddie Sherrill, Man Who Overcame Drug Addiction,Illiteracy And Homelessness And Earned A Degree At 65.

Freddie Sherrill overcame being illiterate, homeless and a drug addict to earn a college degree at 65!

WWLTV reports the North Carolina man went half is life unable to read and dropped out of school at eight years old. After years of dealing with being in the system, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, and even attempting to take his own life, it turned around for Sherrill when a pastor took a chance on him and hired him as a groundskeeper at the church.


The opportunity inspired Sherrill to learn how to read and provide a better life for his wife and kids. Decades later, he earned a bachelor’s degree from Charlotte’s Queens University this year.

And the road wasn’t easy either. Sherrill didn’t give up, taking six tries to get a G.E.D. and 13 years to get an associates degree.

Sherrill received his degree in human service studies. He says he hopes to find a position working with children who are at risk, just like he once was.



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