Tristan Thompson Wants Khloe Kardashian Out Of Cleveland So He Can Be With His Side Chick. can exclusively reveal Tristan Thompson wants to get Khloe Kardashian  Out Of Cleveland so he can spend some quality time with his mistress Lani Blair !


Lani Blair

“Tristan’s so sneaky,” is how a source connected to him explained the situation. “He wants Khloe to have a break from motherhood and go back to LA for a week or two to be with her family. He’s telling her she deserves some girl time with her sisters, cocktails in the sun and the warm LA weather.”

But the source indicated Thompson, 27, is playing Mr. Nice because the only woman he wants to be right now as his side piece and poor Kardashian, 33, has no idea .



“The truth is, Tristan wants some time away from Khloe so he can be with Lani,” the informant dished. “He told Khloe he’ll take care of all her expenses and take care of baby True in Cleveland and wants to put Khloe on the next private jet to L.A.”

Meanwhile, the source reveals to Radar exclusively that it’s more than a casual hookup as Thompson has developed “serious
feelings” toward Blair.
“He misses those fun times and Lani makes him feels so good. He wants that type of comfort right now, especially since he just lost the finals,” the insider dished. “He’s not ready or in the mood to deal with Khloe, hear her run her mouth or work on their relationship just yet.”


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  1. Oh well! This is not looking too good for Khloe at all. Tristan is so immature and unreliable.

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