Boyfriend,Dakota Smith Shoots Mother Of Five, Removed From Life Support.

Police are looking for the boyfriend of a woman who was a mother of five who was shot Friday night, and who, according to her family, was removed from life support on Sunday.


Police said Dakota Smith is being sought as a person of interest in connection with the shooting of Crystal Vega.

Vega’s shooting was reported by an off-duty Floyd County police officer who was working a side job at Floyd Countyhospital. He was told Vega had been brought to the hospital by another person, who said Smith told her Vega had shot herself.

When police entered Vega’s apartment, they found a large pool of blood inside the doorway and elsewhere.


Smith is only wanted as a person of interest, police said, because no weapon has been recovered in connection with the crime.

Vega’s fifth child, who arrived only 10 days ago, is in a neonatal intensive care unit. Her oldest child is 12.

Vega’s family said Smith is the father of two of her children, including the recently born infant. Vega was an organ donor. She was kept on a ventilator until her organs could be harvested.

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