36 Year Old Robert Allen Satterfield Held For The Triple Murders Of 24 Year Old Maya Rivera, Her Husband And Son

Maya Rivera, 24, her son Ray Shawn Hudson Jr., 5, and her son’s father Ray Shawn Hudson Sr., 28, were reported missing on June 10. The young family was last seen in the Angleton, Texas area a day before their son’s birthday. The three of them did not show up to the local park where other friends and family had gathered to celebrate Ray Shawn Jr.’s fifth birthday

Robert Allen Satterfield, 36, was arrested after he was pulled over while driving a car belonging to Maya, police say. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance on June 14, according to jail records.
Now, he’s also charged with three counts of murder, after police say he led them to the charred skeletal remains of three people on a private property in Whatron County over the weekend.
“The remains are at this point unidentifiable as there had been an attempt to dispose of the bodies by burning them,” a representative with the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office wrote. “It is believed these remains are those of Hudson, Rivera and the child.” Authorities did not release a possible motive for the family’s murders.
We hope their family have enough peace in these trying times

RIP Beautiful Family.

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