An Australian Woman Has Won The Right To Use Her Dead Boyfriend’s Sperm.

An Australian woman has won the right to use her dead boyfriend’s sperm to become pregnant, in a landmark court case.

A judge ruled on Wednesday that Ayla Cresswell, 25, from Queensland, should be able to use the reproductive cells of her former partner, Joshua Davies, theAustralian Associated Press reported.

Cresswell found Davies, 23, dead at their home in Toowoomba on August 23, 2016, after he took his life, according to The couple had been in a relationship for around three years, and had planned to get married and have children.

The month before his death, Cresswell had visited a doctor, who confirmed she was in fit health to have a baby

On the day of his death, Cresswell told Davies’ father, John Davies, she wished she was pregnant. Her remark prompted John Davies and his wife Iona Davies to back Cresswell in requesting an urgent court order to collect Joshua’s sperm in the early hours of August 24, 2016, Australia’s ABC reported. It has since been preserved in an IVF clinic.

Kathryn McMilan, Cresswell’s lawyer, told a court hearing last year her client had thought about the decision, undergone counseling and had tests to see if she could conceive.

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