Female Teacher, Tiffany Eichler Who Admitted To Having Sex With Three Mail Students,Jailed For 30 Days

According to the Daily Mail, “A female teacher who admitted to having sex with three male students has been jailed for just 30 days.

Tiffany Eichler1
Tiffany Eichler, 36, was sentenced on Tuesday in Canton, Ohio after pleading guilty to three counts of sexual battery last month.

Eichler, who worked as a PE teacher at McKinley High School, came forward and confessed to having sex with the students after they started blackmailing her.

She apologized in court to the victims and the school district ‘for puttingeveryone in this position’, according to the Canton Repository.

The mother of one of the victims called Eichler a ‘professional predator’ as she slammed the former teacher for manipulating her son.

The judge sentenced Eichler to 30 days in prison and 30 half-days in a non-jail reporting program.

Her sentence also includes three years of probation, 300 hours of community service, a $1,000 fine and she has to pay for counseling for the victims.

Eichler will also have to relinquish her teaching license and register as a lifetime sex offender as part of her sentence.

Authorities were alerted back in March after Eichler informed school administrators about the sexual relationships.


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