Man Fatally Shoots Two Women And Then Turns The Gun On Himself At A Walmart Parking Lot.

 According to Dailymail”Two women have been shot dead in their car in an Alabama Walmartparking lot by a gunman who rammed his vehicle into theirs then got out, opened fire and eventually killed himself.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon at a Walmart in Tallassee. Police say they believe the trio knew one another and that it is a ‘domestic’ incident but they will not provide further details.

WSFA reports that the man first rammed his car into the women’s vehicle then got out with a weapon.

He fired into their car then turned the gun on himself.

One of the women was dead on arrival and the other was in a critical condition but died before an air ambulance could get to her.

None of them have been identified and police are continue to work at the scene.

They have covered the shot-out passenger windows of the women’s white SUV with a pink sheet to hide them from view.”


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