Outrage As Melania Trump Wears A “ I Don’t Really Care , Do You” Jacket To Children Detention Centers

Melania Trump is currently catching hell after she had a visit to one of the border detention centers where children who’ve been taken away from their families are being housed.


Unfortunately for her, The Daily Mail pointed out that the she wore some pretty tasteless attire in the form of Zara jacket that read “I really don’t care, Do U” while boarding Air Force One from Andrews Air Force base.

The $39 jacket from Zara has caused such a stir that a White House spokesperson was forced to respond.

People are now wondering if Melania’s jacket was a not so cryptic message, and they’re also pointing out that she never visited any of the immigrant children being kept in cages, at least not with the media present. Instead, she visited a church shelter and spoke with the press.




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