Lesandro Guzman Feliz’s Relative Says A Local Gang Has Apologized For The Killing

Mistaken Identity!!!

A life is gone already. So, according to a relative of Lesandro Guzman Feliz, the teen who was killed yesterday, the gang responsible for the senseless killing reached out to the family to apologize and said it was a case of mistaken identity.

lesandro guzman

According to TheShadeRoom, a family member of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz said he received several messages from men who claimed to be members of the Trinitarios, a Dominican gang.

The supposed gang members told Lesandro’s brother-in-law Derek Grullon, 19, that they killed him by mistake. “They said, ‘We had the wrong person,’ “ Derek said.

Derek said his wife, Lesandro’s sister, had received similar messages as well.

But… mistaken identity won’t bring back this innocent child. I hope the police gets whoever is responsible for this and make them pay.

RIP Lesandro!

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