Lil Kim Hit With $188,016 Tax Lien

Lil Kim continues to be besieged by bad news about her seemingly crumbling finances.


The star, who filed for bankruptcy last month, has been accused by the feds of dodging the tax man yet again. The “All About The Benjamins” rapper has just been slapped with a federal tax lien for $188,016, according to the lien, which was obtained by BOSSIP.

The outstanding tax debt is slated to income for money the rapper – whose real name is Kimberly Jones – pulled in for income she made in 2006.

The federal tax lien is the third in as many years that the “Queen Bee” has seen from the IRS. In January, the IRS hit her with a lien for $211,529 for not paying taxes on her 2016 income, and in 2016, the state of New Jersey filed a lien against her for nearly $40,000.

However, as of June 21, there was no record of Kim paying back any of the tax debt.

The IRS will go to great lengths to collect on debts owed and will go as far as to seize property and money. However, it’s unclear whether Kim has either: she filed bankruptcy court documents  last month saying she owes her creditors millions and offered to sell her foreclosed home off that she no longer owns in order to pay down her debt.

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