Meet Alison Ettel, The White Woman Who Called Police On A 8 Year Black Girl Selling Water

So ‘Permit Patty’, the white woman who called police on a 8 year old black girl has been identified as Alison Ettel.

alison ettel

Alison Ettel is the woman who called police on a 8 year old San Francisco girl hoping to sell water to baseball fans in front of her apartment building Friday. The girl’s mother captured it on her cell phone and posted it to Instagram. Ettel, who can be seen on her phone calling police, tries to hide when she realizes she’s being recorded by the girl’s mother.

People are outraged that she would call the cops on a little girl who was not disturbing anyone at all. And even if, she is just 8 years old,, 8!

According to a newly created Facebook page for Alison Ettel, she says she is an entrepreneur and currently has been getting lots of death threats through her page.

What do you think about Alison’s action? Racist or nah?


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