The 8 Year Old Girl Who Was Selling Water And A White Woman Appeared To Call The Police On, Gets Free Tickets To Disneyland

According to the Daily Mail, “The eight-year-old black girl who was selling bottled water on the sidewalk to raise money for a trip to Disneyland, before a white woman now being called ‘Permit Patty’ appeared to call the police on her, had her wish granted when a Good Samaritan bought her four tickets to the park.


The musician, Jonathon Brannon, said that he had been moved to buy the girl four tickets to the amusement parkafter seeing the video of Allison Ettel, 44, making the call, which was shared by the child’s cousin, Raj, and quickly went viral.

‘Somebody seen the video on Twitter, right?’ a woman tells the little girl from off camera.

‘They know you wanted to go to Disneyland…’ the woman says, at which point the girl’s eyes go wide and she lets out a gasp.

‘…and they bought you four tickets to go…!’ she says, as the child immediately starts jumping up and down and shrieking, so loudly that the woman can’t finish the sentence.


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