Rapper , The Game Faces A Multi MIllion Dollar Lawsuit For Endorsing A Cryptocurrency Company

Amid the recent wave of Hollywood lawsuits, a West Coast rapper has found himself in the middle of his own legal battle over a cryptocurrency cannabis company.


According to The Blast, #TheGame was recently added to a multi-million class-action lawsuit for his endorsement in a cryptocurrency company that promised to revolutionize the cannabis industry. 

Apparently, the rapper promoted ParagonCoins on social media as a “path towards legalization of cannabis and a way to solve nearly every issue facing the cannabis industry,” using a new technology to track the entire process from cultivation to final sale. However, according to the class-action lawsuit, the company flat-out lied. 


Not only did the company allegedly blow smoke about their intentions to transform the weed business, but the lawsuit also claims the company used the investment to purchase property instead. And since The Game is a member of Paragon’s “advisory board,” who used his celebrity to promote the company, the suers say he’s partly responsible.

As a result, according to The Blast, the suit is demanding the courts declare both The Game and the company in violation of the law. The suit also wants an injunction from them making any transfers of the money. They also want unspecified damages.

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