80 Jail Inmates Graduate From Community College

We all go through things in life and sometimes our actions can have us in places that we would rather not be, but we must continue to push through at all costs, and that’s exactly what several inmates did at #HarrisCountyJail.


According @KHOU11, 80 inmates graduated from Houston Community College and walked across the stage in their blue caps and gowns to accept their diplomas.

Each inmate earned a Certificate of Completion for various high-demand vocational courses, like warehousing and O.S.H.A.

“These are human beings. These are individuals that have a skill,” said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. Paul Reyes, 34, is one of four inmates who earned the highest score on three separate tests. “That’s amazing. That’s awesome. It shows me that there is more,” Reyes said. “People make mistakes, and we try harder, and we apply ourselves in a more positive manner, and we just want to do better in life.”

The educational program provided to the inmates are voluntary. Admission in the programs are very competitive and only available to pre-trial detainees who pass three tests.

“The message here is to try and give them opportunity, because there’s many here who want that chance,” Gonzalez said. “We need to get them going, and we can lend a helping hand.”

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