Graphic Novelist ,Blake Leibel Sentenced To Life For Gruesomely Murdering His Fiancé And Draining Her Blood

According to Daily Mail, “The graphic novelist who was found guilty of brutally murdering his Ukranianfiancee and draining her body of blood has been sentenced to life in prison.

Blake Leibel, 37, was convicted last week in the death of Iana Kasian, who had just given birth to the couple’s newborn daughter weeks before her murder.

The Canadian millionaire property heir tortured Kasian for six hours and mutilated her body, scattering parts of her scalp, ear, and face in their Hollywood apartment.

Superior Court Judge Mark E Windham said Leibel had shown ‘inconceivable cruelty’ as he sentenced the novelist to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

‘The case is unusual only in its savagery,’ Windham said during the sentencing.

Leibel’s case made national headlines not only due to its grisly details, but also because Kasian’s murder was eerily similar to his own graphic novel.

Prosecutors argued that Syndrome, a 2010 graphic novel that Leibel helped create and fund, had become his ‘blueprint’ for the horrific murder.

The novel begins with the foreword: ‘If you loved hurting things, what would you do?’

It then follows a scientist who tries to find a way to cure people of evil. One page displays a woman, lying naked on a bed with no head.
It ends with an image of a hand dripping blood and the caption: ‘In the end, we all become monsters’.

During Leibel’s trial, pathologists testified that the horrific murder had set a precedent in terms of the brutality and grisliness of Kasian’s injuries

Her naked body was found mutilated, drained of blood, and covered with a red Mickey Mouse blanket in Leibel’s apartment in May 2016.


Kasian’s autopsy report revealed that parts of the right side of the 30-year-old’s face were torn off in the brutal slaying before she died.

Investigators found bits of flesh inside the bedroom, and part of Kasian’s scalp and her ear were found in a trash bin at the bottom of the garbage chuteoutside the home, NBC reported.

The Los Angeles Department of the Medical Examiner ruled that Kasian’scause of death was exsanguination, the act of draining a person of blood.

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