15 Year Old Riley Burruss Loses 52 Pounds

Riley Burruss is a 15-year-old inspiration! The daughter of reality star, Kandi Burruss, lost 52 pounds, her trainer revealed on June 28! Riley’s been putting the work at an Atlanta-area gym, where she completely transformed her body, and it was not an easy feat. “52 pounds later and I swear @rileyburruss is a whole new young woman,” her trainer, the “King of Fitness” wrote on Instagram next to a before and after photo of her weight loss. “All of our sessions have not always been good. We’ve went through all the fussing, crying, catching attitudes, and even down to her passing the hell out but still managing to lose over 50 POUNDS.”

Although there were hard times, it certainly paid off for Riley, who has seen incredible results. The young teen went from 220 pounds down to 168, which his mind-blowing to take in. She looks completely transformed — From her face, to her waist and thighs. Riley took time to acknowledge her trainer’s post by taking the before and after photo and adding it to her Instagram story, praising her coach.


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