Janoris Jenkins’ Older Brother, Williams H.Jenkins Jr Has Been Charged With Felony And Manslaughter Over Body Found In His Home

On Tuesday, a body was found in the basement of #NYGiants player #JanorisJenkins’ home in New Jersey.  The body was later identified as Roosevelt Rene who turned out to be Jenkins’ music producer and friend that lived in the home. 


Jenkins was in Florida at the time of the discovery and wasn’t an immediate suspect, but now police have arrested his older brother William Jenkins and charged him with felony aggressive manslaughter. 

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office announced the charge against William H. Jenkins Jr. on Wednesday and he’s currently in custody in Ontario County, New York. Sheriff’s deputies happened to detain him early Tuesday morning for an alleged parole violation.

If convicted, Williams could face 10-30 years in prison. 


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