Ty Dolla $ign Wanted A Blind Woman Removed From Flight Due To Allergies To Her Dog

Ty Dolla $ign had a little run-in with a blind passenger on his Air Canada flight from Montreal to Ottowa over the weekend.

While the rapper was on his way to a performance at the Escapade Music Festival, according to TMZ, Ty and his traveling companion approached the woman seated behind them. The woman was blind, and had a seeing-eye dog with her. The two spoke with the woman before takeoff and tried to get her and the dog removed from the plane. The woman stated that she had a right to be there and offered the rapper an allergy pill instead. He refused, stating that he had to perform later that day.


The airline staff eventually intervened and asked if Ty had registered his allergy with the airline’s medical assistant desk. He had not.

However, the blind woman seated behind him had gotten all her allowances in order to have her service dog on-board, so she did not have to move. Airline staff offered to move Ty to the back of the plane to appease him, but he refused, insisting that he had paid for his seat.

SMH. Well, we guess those allergies simply had to flare up for the duration of his flight.




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