Woman Keeps Waking Up As Medication To Put Her Into Deep Sleep As She Passes Away Fails

A young woman who asked to ‘die with dignity’ spent four days waking up and screaming in agonising pain, while her heartbroken mother had to say her final goodbyes – seven times.


Fiona, 31, asked for medication which would put her in a deep sleep as she passed away as a result of cancer, at The Margaret Centre at Whipps Cross Hospital in east London.

However, something went horribly wrong.

Fiona’s divorced mother and father Clive Strong, and her boyfriend, Alex Paxton, had to endure a week of watching her in pain before she finally died as the sedation medication did not keep her from waking.


Her devastated mother Susan Strong is campaigning for euthanasia in Britain after the ordeal which finally ended for her daughter on May 1.

Mrs Strong, 61, told The Mirror:’We must have said our goodbyes six or seven times until she finally passed away,’ said Susan, who described Fiona’s treatment as ‘terminal sedation’.
Fiona had chosen ‘palliative sedation’ to minimise her suffering from what can be ‘unbearable’ pain during her final hours. Instead, she woke up confused and in pain.

The hospice centre in Leytonstone was legally unable to do anymore than give her the sedatives.

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