16 Year Old Terminally Ill Texan, Jeremiah Thomas’ Dying Wish, Was For Abortion To Be Outlawed

A 16-year-old Texan who is terminally ill with cancer has revealed his dying wish – for abortion to be outlawed across the state.


Jeremiah Thomas, from Waco, urged Governor Greg Abbot in a phone call last week to make abortion illegal ‘like murder’, to which the pro-life Republican replied that he intended to do just that.

Abbot said he would do his best to grant Jeremiah’s wish by pursuing a bill to outlaw abortion in the next legislative session, to which the boy’s face lit up as he said: ‘I would love for that to be what I’m remembered by’.

His father, Rusty, posted about his son’s rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, which caused him to suffer a collapsed lung and become paralyzed.

Jeremiah is a fervent pro-life campaigner and had repeatedly made clear he wanted an end to abortion.

Governor Scott’s wife, Cecilia, contacted Jeremiah on Facebook to send ‘prayers and hugs’, according to Rusty.

This led to Wednesday’s phone call, during which Jeremiah was allowed to tell the governor his final wish.

‘For my wish I wanted to speak to you and discuss a bill of abolition,’ he told Governor Scott in a video of the call posted on Facebook.

‘I want you to treat abortion as an act of murder and it should be punished as such.’

Scott replied: ‘We just had the state Republican Party convention and the one of the most important things that happens there is the party creates a platform of policy positions and your wish is on there.

‘We are going to pursue the outlawing of abortion altogether in the state of Texas so your wish had been answered.’

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